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Palestine Posters. Click Here for more.

O’ Allah; Pardon me.

O’ Allah; please favorite me as your loved me. More Islamic Posters soon inShaAllah.

More Islamic Posters soon. InShaAllah.

Is Allah not worth our efforts? Islamic Posters soon…

The Zionist media says there should be ceasefire in Palestine ! Damn them. Cease fire is between two armies, two countries — NOT between a terrorist state and besieged surrounded hunted population. The land Israel is created upon is stolen from Palestinians. The water Israelis drink is stolen from Palestinians. There is NO war in Palestine. It is State robbery, state terrorism and Genocide of Muslims whose lands, lives, honor and children have been stolen by the Zionist Jews. If these helpless, hunted Muslims try to resist, they call it terrorism ! Remember this — Resistance to Tyranny and oppression and occupation is called Freedom struggle NEVER terrorism !
- Sir Zaid Hamid

Remember Gaza Children this Eid…

More Gaza Posters Soon. InShaAllah…

Muslims! just stop fighting over the frequency of Ameeeeeen!! Stop fighting over non-issues; Get a life; wake up and get united!

Islamic Posters: When a thing disturbs the peace of heart, give it up. (Source)

Virtuous Partner for your life! After Imaan (belief) the next biggest blessing of Allah is a virtuous wife! (Umar رضی اللہ عنہ). More Islamic Posters coming soon. InShaAllah.

Honor Killing? No, Islam doesn’t support it! An innocent killed is entire humanity killed!

Ashfaq Ahmed - More Quotes and Islamic Posters soon. inShaAllah.

The Trustworthy Islamic Poster…