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America comes in 86th place in a global ranking of women elected to government cabinet positions. It comes after Muslim-majority nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.
If Israel destroys your Masjids; raise the call to prayers from our Churches
Father Emmanual Musallam, priest in Gaza
What can we do for Muslims in Gaza?

I am afraid the answer would hurt you even more.

Can we go to Gaza ? No we cannot. There is only one entry point into Gaza from Egypt and that Jew slave General Sisi has sealed it.

Can we send supplies to Gaza? No, same reason. Egypt as sealed the border. Hundreds of international volunteers are stuck in Egypt with supplies but they are not allowed into Gaza. An entire plane load of supplies from Tunis has been turned back by Egypt.

Can we send money to Gaza ? only through your own personal known Palestinian contacts if money gram services are active. you need to have a contact in Palestine and then find out if these services are still active. otherwise, you cannot.

Only the Muslim governments can put pressure on Egypt to open the border and allow the supplies.. but we don’t have Muslim governments left. They are all sold our beyghairats…

There is a reason why our sister saw Sayyadi Rasul Allah (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) in Jalal !

What can you do ??

The social media campaign is hurting the jews. huge pressure is being built upon them to back off. Their humiliation at the hands of Hamas fighters is also destroying their image as a super power. We need to rub this in more…. humiliate them, insult them, attack them, expose them and support the Mujahideen and Ummah in Palestine. Be a ruthless soldier on social media and in your circle of influence.

Build pressure on our own governments and army to respond. your pressure will help. Make it part of the protests and marches that you plan to do in august. force the political parties and media to build more pressure on the government to act and respond.

Most importantly, feel part of the Ummah, feel their pain and in these last nights of Ramazan, do dua for the Ummah and baddua for the Mushriks, Zionists and Khawarij. Dua is your most powerful weapon. Deploy it well and strongly. do astaghfar and tauba so that your dua is accepted. present yourself to Sayyadi Rasul Allah  (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) and seek forgiveness for being an ignorant Ummati. revive yourself and prepare for Jihad to fight the fitnahs which are coming to us from all sides.. our time will come soon. Allah will give is better leaders inshAllah. they will not humiliate us like this. they will not shame us in front of Allah (عزوجل) and Rasul Allah  (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) . Little Sabr. prepare..

I know it is painful and it hurts even more to know what Sayyadi Rasul Allah  (صلی اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم) feels. But each one will be asked about his duty from within the powers he or she is given. We do not have worldly powers in our hands but we have social media and we have Dua. deploy them well and strong..

Allah knows our niyats. Khair inshAllah.

- Sir Zaid Hamid

The Zionist media says there should be ceasefire in Palestine ! Damn them. Cease fire is between two armies, two countries — NOT between a terrorist state and besieged surrounded hunted population. The land Israel is created upon is stolen from Palestinians. The water Israelis drink is stolen from Palestinians. There is NO war in Palestine. It is State robbery, state terrorism and Genocide of Muslims whose lands, lives, honor and children have been stolen by the Zionist Jews. If these helpless, hunted Muslims try to resist, they call it terrorism ! Remember this — Resistance to Tyranny and oppression and occupation is called Freedom struggle NEVER terrorism !
- Sir Zaid Hamid
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